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Self Esteem and Personal Development -- Integrating both your mental and emotional self with focus unleashes a powerful force to create what you want, for you.  I can help you find that power in yourself.


Trauma, PTSD and EMDR --  I have many  years of experience working with trauma and PTSDI am the director of a veteran counseling center focused on trauma.  EMDR is one modality I use and is the most researched and tested technique to deal with trauma.  With EMDR therapy, many report finally finding relief from symptoms that are common with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma related issues.  This technique has been very successful with veterans.


Grief and Complicated Grief -- Few people are prepared for how painful grief can be.  I can help you both understand and manage your grief process in a healthy way.  I have years of experience with both normal and the complicated grief issues surrounding tragic deaths.  I facilitated the King County Survivor of Suicide Grief Group for over 7 years.  I provide trainings and consultations to other professionals on grief.


Depression-- Taking a step to get help is for many the first step to recovery.  I can work with you in therapy to uncover the root of your depression and then help you take the steps to overcome it. 

Marriage and Premarital Counseling -- Communication and understanding is so important.  I can teach you solid state of the art tools to build or rebuild a strong marriage.


Divorce/Relationship Loss Recovery -- Whether you wanted the split or not, the end of a relationship can be one of the more traumatic events in your life.  So many things change.  I can help you with emotional turmoil and help you build your new life.

Hypnotherapy -- Along with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy is a strong and successful technique in treating anxiety, weight issues, phobias, sexual dysfunction, smoking, self confidence, test anxiety, performance blocks and other conditions.


Career Counseling -- Find a job that you'll both excel at and enjoy.  I can help you build a template that makes it easy to see what jobs are good for you.  When you decide what job, I can help you write your resume in a way that will highlight your experience and help you make sure it gets to the decision maker in any company.  If you  are looking for a job for the first time or have been "downsized," I can help put you on the right track that will net results.






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